Cats on Stilts
Sneaky and Snuggles are curious cats who love to explore, dance and have fun. They are friendly, fluffy and likeable. And they love to meet new people. Then they show off their beautiful furry coat and fight for your attention. If one is admired more than the other, a little cat fight may occur. But that will never last long because they always want to play again, together and with you! Sometimes you wonder what they actually want. One thing is certain: catch a mouse! But their dearest wish is to share joy, happiness and good vibes with everyone.

Photos by Wim de Knegt

But Afterglow Arts is constantly evolving and offers even more:
Light on stilts
A new act in which the stilt dancers create beautiful shapes and patterns with illuminated LED objects.
It is even possible to programm illuminated logos, simple photos or text in the performance.

Fire on stilts
A new stilt dance fire act with burning objects.

Lightscapes (Dance LED light performance)
A dance choreography with LED light with an unexpected story in all kinds of colors and shapes. A visual experience inspired by nature and innovation: from luminescent jellyfish, fish, glowworms and algae, to our use of light in the 21st century. The players dance in LED costumes with light objects and create an illusion: from the underwater world of sea creatures to abstract spectacular figures.
Carolina Dorell – Director, Dancer and Light Programmer
Lucie Pokorna- Co-creator and light programming.
Music: Thomas Walschot
Part of the work is also inspired by the artist Oskar Schlemmer (geometric shapes) and his choreography from the Triadisches Ballet (1922, Bauhaus).

About Afterglow Arts
Lucie Pokorna was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. From an early age she practiced all kinds of art forms – music, theatre, singing, visual arts and followed dance courses at home and abroad. Because of her fascination for different countries, cultures and languages, she followed her heart and worked and lived in Scandinavia, Germany and Canada, among other places, before settling in Amsterdam in 2015, a city she would later call her home.

Since then Lucie has discovered many new art forms and disciplines, such as flow arts, stilt theater and aerial dance.
In 2018, Afterglow Arts was born – an idea that is constantly evolving. A company/platform that offers unique combinations and connects all kinds of clients with the world of performance art. The philosophy behind her work is to push the boundaries of individual art forms and combine them into a bigger, better total experience.

Nothing is impossible. Push your own limits and become limitless.