“You are called for military service in the anti-aircraft artillery”. Well …, thanks, but no. If you are an advisor of action groups in Amsterdam, this is not the most obvious career step. We are talking about 35 years ago and it was much more fun to set up Theater Studio De Loods with Hans, Frans and Martin. With the help of all friends and acquaintances, you buy a 100-year-old rusty iron shed, knock out the 1st floor, hope the building will stay upright, and build a beautiful acrobatics-, theater- and dance studio inside with blood, sweat and tears. Years later, a still busy new-build studio arises there. Is it a coincidence that theatermaker Stefan Jung enters with the exciting idea for Circus Neus & Co? Do you see it? The classic red-and-white two-masted circus tent, the wagons, the artists, traveling around the world for years, and performing for, what was then still called “institutions for the mentally handicapped”? Everywhere the place was chosen by the circus director to do the world premiere of his new circus. Which is canceled! Because in the morning it turns out that the circus, the elephants and tigers have been sold and the acrobats have been fired. “Nowadays, there is no money to be made with pleasure” (even then!) “And have a nice day”. Then in one afternoon the kids are trained to be the new circus artists and present a spectacle show for real audience. An interactive workshop project “avant la lettre”. Who has never dreamed of being the star of the circus? It was “too true to be a dream.” When, after 5 years, the project ended and the government subsidy had run out (it still existed at the time….) It was time for …… .what actually?

What started as a list of 6 artists from that project who wanted to perform at parties and festivals quickly got out of hand cheerfully and completely. Even then, stubbornness was a character trait: “we do something different than usual”. Artists and Events Stef Arntz (just try to make up a name quickly) and later with the addition Streetwise, became a company and place for variety artists, (street) theater makers, comedians and original party acts. Soon there was a specialization in stilttheater (www.steltentheater.com) and living statues (www.levendstandbeeld.nl) and finally a music package. Always based on a clear choice: the best, most creative and most original acts in that area. After all these years, this has become a beautiful artist agency with a variety of exclusive acts for various situations and all types of audience. With performances for toddlers to the elderly, for parties to festivals, for fairs to congresses, for openings to closings, from a stage or in the ridge of a tent, floating on the water or walking between your guests and from subtle to great spectacle. More important than all that experience is that I still enjoy my work and I am happy to give you personal advice with the motto: “simply is not good enough” and “we are only satisfied when you are”.

You’re welcome!

Stef Arntz