Raposa, Saka and Byfflo
Three imaginative figures who share an unbreakable friendship. The two smallest of the three are only 2.5 meters and the largest and most colorful is only 3.5 meters!

Raposa is funny, cute and sweet and just a little bit cross-eyed. Cuddly, and a friendly character.

Saka is the largest of the three. She is proud and flutters around.

Byfflo has to rely on his muscles. He doesn’t understand everything very well. Tough but with a heart of gold.

Opi BENch (Grandpa’s Bench) – Enjoy life, it will fly by …
This friendly grandfather is waiting for his grandchild. As a surprise he bought some colorful balloons. Meanwhile, he rests on the bench. The balloons are so strong that they lift grandfather. Fortunately, he can grab the bench just in time with his walking stick.

Because he hangs pretty well, he waits quietly for his grandchild. Grandfather is happy to invite you to sit on the bench with him to take a short break …

Feel free to take a nice selfie with grandfather.

Reptile Gecko – great in its simplicity
Curious, hungry and full of humor … Our pet loves children! Reptile Gecko is a lizard of no less than 1m 80 long that crawls between your visitors. He is very curious and therefore comes to sniff everyone. He just has to investigate everything that passes by at his height (very) close up. Moms and Dads, keep your handbags, groceries and backpacks very close! Our Gecko is always hungry and thirsty and loves to walk away with your things. Forgive his playfulness! When our Gecko feels itching …….

Hector & Hektor
A heartwarming act with these crazy zombie twins. Forgive them their stupidity, together they share only 1 brain cell. One is Hector and the other Hektor but do not ask us who is who. Enjoy this crazy unpredictable duo.

Ea Varna – a super sweet forest creature
For more than 3820 years, an unknown creature -until now!-of no less than 4 meters has wandered through our ancient forests! This protector of nature traveled miles to get in touch with the human race. This good-natured lobes with a heavy and loud voice, appeals to everyone in his unknown elf language. Fortunately, he speaks very slowly and uses a lot of body language so that even the little ones understand him. Ea Varna has brought with him the “music of nature” that can be heard by everyone. In short, the atmosphere changes in a magical, natural and fairy-like environment everywhere, when Ea Varna passes by.

WabboeAH! – colorful, clownish, grand
Two to four acrobatic stilt walkers. Stylish? Eccentric? Crazy? Beautiful? WabboeAH! a spectacular act full of poetry. Two funny clownish figures that surprise, move and let you watch with excitement! Enjoy their spectacular jumps and visual humor.

MonSTARS – energetic, funny & spectacular -crazy trolls jump up to 2m high!
Two to four totally flipped trolls with crooked legs jump and dance around looking for fun. They jump no less than 2 meters high on their jump stilts! Their fluorescent hair is seen by everyone and you become spontaneously happy when these crazy figures pass by.

Gentleman on stilts
More than 3 meters high, an eternally cheerful smile, colorful and always in the mood for a dance .. In his beautiful satin costume that is fully covered with real Swarovski crystals, he makes huge jumps. A not only stylish but also unique reception.