The Butler Brothers
Legendary and popular classic with 3 to 8 identical twin brothers with the same face but a completely different character. The humorous act was created by Iva & Petar Mandick.

The Royal classic “Dutch Bitterballs”
Humorous culinary entertainment, the crunchy deep-fried meatball is entering a new era. Surrounded by a golden crown and placed on red plush, the meatball is graciously presented. The taste and smile muscles of your guests will have to endure this.

The Pajamas
The best goodbye & farewell act. Your evening does not only have to start with the Butler Brothers, but can also end with it – again with a smile! At the end of the party, The Butler Brothers – complete with nightcap, slippers and lantern – show up on the dance floor and dance another round with the guests. The guests are waved goodbye with a night kiss or a lullaby. Everyone leaves home with a big smile.

Who needs the Kardashians with these ladies in the house ?! Hilarious walking entertainment with four dazzling socialites and their paparazzi photographer Billy BadAss. Dressed by top couturiers, loved by millionaires, refurbished in the beauty center, these four stars are the ultimate meet & greet act. They love red carpet premieres, exclusive parties and official openings.

You can invite Femmes-Fatales as special guests to your event. Everyone will be absolutely amazed at their presence. They mix with the audience, dance with you, do photo sessions and provide a very humorous spectacle!

New: ask for the Femmes-Fatales photo entertainment.