We invite you for a trip to sun and beach and you will find ….. a huge aquarium with …… a complete “underwater” circus!
In the 4.5 meter high crystal-clear circusglobe, a show of 30 minutes takes place in an underwater setting.
A fairy tale for the whole family including the Dutchjuggler, an acrobatic chair balance, magic tricks and of course comic acts from the famous clownsduo from Cirque Magnifique.
(3 performances per part of the day are possible).

Summer Circus
3 artists, in steampunk style, surprise you with a magical spectacle in a huge transparent globe. In this whirling family-show you can fall from one surprise to another: juggling art, acrobatics and even a trapeze-act in the ring.

Some friends find a huge treasure chest. This heavy box floats through the circusglobe until the treasure is revealed to you!