Company Adorabel has been a frequent guest at festivities at home and abroad since 2003. Company Adorabel brings artistic variety shows & street theater.

                                      Photo 1 by Wim de Knegt

The Time Traveler
Brand new act and worldwide street theater with a “hot air balloon”. But help her because she is lost in time and space. Can she – with your help – find her way back? With 2 seats for extra passengers! Get in and sail along. Watch the video at the top of the page for an impression of this act.


Photo by Harry Cock 

Photo by Wim de Knegt

The Gossip Ladies: Iet, Wiet and Riet (Piet’s wife) are a day out. They discuss the weekend’s events in a (not so) private conversation. Cozy chatting, people watching, strolling. You don’t know, maybe they’ll still find a nice guy for Wiet. This way the ladies happily provide passersby with all kinds of comments and you are quickly informed about the latest gossip

Photo 3 by Wim de Knegt

Rendez-Vous is an original performance that touches! A melancholic and funny animation. Abandoned, hung like an old coat, she hangs lonely on an (illuminated) lamppost. She talks and mumbles a bit in front of her… until there is music and she sings “don’t leave me alone” straight from her heart. (a translation by Jaques Brell’s, “Ne me quitte pas”). Or during Christmas time, “It’s gonna be lonely this Christmas without you” … Winner Dutch championships Living statue 2013 + 1st prize Aesthetics.

Petro is the delivery boy of Pizza Pronto. He is looking for the one who ordered the Quatro Staggioni and balances with 28 pizza boxes through the crowd. A humorous interactive act.

Poto 1 and 3 by Wim de Knegt

Regina Bianca Veneziana: These radiant chic appearances in Venetian White as an enlightened stilts duo, welcome your guests, pour champagne, dance, parade with glamor and charm everyone at your event. Now also possible as a trio with singer.

Photo by Wim de Knegt

Terra’s Proud / Proud Rocks are two “stone” figures who hand out their little ones to the public with their stroller full of pebbles. On this are handwritten messages, compliments, slogans, and the like. Alienating, heartwarming, original and interactive. You may choose what will be put on: . “You’re rockin’ ..”, “Rock-solid trust in you” , “Stoneware”, or it could also be one big boulder with a fine poem. If something sincere can be conveyed in a fun way, this act will gladly contribute! Honest, cheerful and warm. A more than sympathetic act that gives people a boost, a compliment, a special and lasting memory … A gesture of humanity!

Valentina – Say it with a postcard is a sympathetic mobile act with a message. Valentina’s skirt consists of more than 50 postcards with beautiful texts. You can choose one yourself. You can write your card on the writing table in front of her. She conjures a stamp out of her hat and you can post the card in the mailbox on her back. They will be delivered! Not just for Valentine. After all, you can say that you love someone all year round.

Terra is a very widely applicable act. Original as a reception. Sometimes interactive, sometimes just as an abstract performance. Then we adapt the performance to the environment. The act is supported by an intense atmosphere of the audible soundscape. An unsatisfied inner fire smolts in seemingly lifeless rock. A hard crust envelops the animated beings. Smothered, different emotions penetrate through the solidified lava. Inescapable. Their longing for life grows in their petrified dance. Human, as the mirror image of the spectator. Universal, as a connection to their origin: the earth.

Photos 1 & 3 by Wim de Knegt

The MossMan is unique in its kind. It fits perfectly in a natural green environment. A lawn, tree or bench can be enough. The act is very photogenic because it becomes one with the environment. We usually look for the most beautiful place. Moss man can also be used as a picnic scene. Watch the video at the bottom of the page for an impression of this act.

In the Ghostparade three ghosts float on the floor. They glow in the dark. Supported by a soundscape of boooeeeee ghost sounds.

The Floating Witch
The witch is walking or on hooverboard. The hooverboard is hidden under the dress, so she flies between the people at lightning speed and asks if they like a nice apple…

The Champagne Ladies hand out champagne at the entrance or they will prepare your quests a special welcome. The Champagne ladies form a beautiful appearance and bring a show element to your event.

Also available as Brazilian Carnival Stiltdancers. As a street performance, they radiantly dance on their stilts to salsa music and hand out flower garlands. With them you can start the summer!

Pictures by Wim de Knegt

The cheerful and energetic Women’s Workforce will arrange it for you and make sure everything runs smoothly. Signposts, direction arrows, routes and guidance for your employees, visitors and audience are included