Are you looking for an impressive opening or closing act for your event, productpresentation, jubilee or opening of a business building? That is the new, overwhelming and stylish LaserShow by DangerouzDrums, the original act where everything revolves around “the impact”.

This powerwoman knows how to touch people with her drum solo – a treat for the eyes and ears. The uplifting solo, supported by dynamic music, together with the spectacular lasershow, make this show an impressive and unforgettable experience.

Your story and concept will be translated in 6 minutes, supported with amazing visual aspects and a 6-minute drumsolo by Lady on Drums Isabella Proszkowski. Our laser-technicians have and offer possibilities to add an extra dimension to your message by means of the three-dimensional laser technique.

If desired, we can integrate your logos, keywords or slogans, in short your core-message, within our show. We project this, for example, on a rear wall, an existing canvas or a hanging roller screen.

“I will drum your message into the world!” (Isabella)