The Charlatan
From an unknown country comes “El Charlatán”. This mysterious character brings you amazing elixirs. He is accompanied by the beautiful, loyal gypsy Carmencita. This King of the Potions brings health and wonder. Taste the powerful and delicious “Maximum Power” or, if you dare, his latest creation “Metamorphosis”.

Crack up 2.0 is a dynamic, hilarious show with jokes, magic tricks, humor and two dangerously different types. A self-righteous magician and his inexperienced assistant have a hard time on stage, which leads to absurd situations, full of crazy jokes and an unexpectedly moving ending. Starting from a physical and universal sign language, the arts, the dynamics of Deux á la Tâche are based solely on the story.

Expected in 2021: Magic Cotton Candy: a magical comedy show about cotton candy.