The Atari Show
El Goma turns ordinary situations into incredible comedy. With a special device that contains the sounds and effects of famous films, he confronts the outside world. Inimitable juggling actions, physical comedy, crazy dance moves and improvisation. Years of experience have led to a balanced, spontaneous and always hilarious show. The best of both worlds. And all from just one suitcase.

Wonderland is an invitation to a fantastic story in which a (stranded?) Character discovers boundaries with the help and participation of his audience. Based on the slapstick tradition of the last century and today’s comedy, the show walks a winding path from pop art, to magical realism, poetry and absurdity. The character will have to escape from an uncomfortable suit, deal with the unknown, or perhaps save himself from a threatening shark, while avoiding obstacles and dancing to a mysterious rhythm.

Photo by Piotr Spigiel

In 2021#Coronaproof
Greatest Hits” is a one man variety show in which everything that could go wrong….goes wrong! The show looks like a fail compilation of comedy sketches, executed in an anarchic “whatever” modus. That what you expect, is not going to happen. Ordinary situations transform into absurd fun moments in the famous inimitable El Goma style. 

And don’t miss the new Boardwalk Theater : a complete 1 hour Corona-proof festival-show with 3 artists: comedy, aerial acrobatics, juggling, and much more…