Festivalshow 1: Comedy & Plates
It looks almost weightless when Ron balances 6 chairs on top of each other on the tip of his chin. Highlight is the plate show with an incredible amount of china spinning in the air and served with a good dose of humor. An extraordinary combination of artistic craftsmanship and pointed comedy.

Photo 1 and 2 by Wim de Knegt and Photo 3 by Hans van der Lande. 

Festivalshow 2: Festival of Bottles
A special festival show is the fast “Festival of Bottles”. Ron and Salim kidnap the guests to another world. Their luggage contains a lot of fun and some Indian wisdom. The horizontal bottle juggling act on a mirror-smooth table is lightning fast. All physical limits are lifted and all laughing muscles are activated. The show is an energetic spectacle with juggling, dancing, magic and a flaming denouement.

Two players with many options.

Gala Show
The gala show with the best of Klirr Deluxe in 30 exciting minutes. A fun and exciting spectacle of juggling, magic and a fire show – brimming with artistic comedy with refreshing jokes and original music. A world premiere is the funny horizontal juggling with 10 bottles on a mirror-smooth table and the balancing act of Ron with 12 -! – seats on the tip of his chin. A special highlight is the plate show with an incredible amount of rotating porcelain in the air.

Close-up magic
At the entrance, at the bar or at the tables: in the midst of the guests, Klirr Deluxe comes into action with amazing surprises and leaves the audience perplexed. Their magic tricks or the famous Chop Cup are just as legendary as their fire eating act. These close-up wizards are a guarantee of original fun.

Evening show Chitchat Mahal
Ron and Salim take the guests into a world full of artistic comedy and magic. In their luggage a lot of fun and some Indian wisdom. In this complete show, chairs are stacked to the ceiling and balanced on the chin, bottles swirl around like magic, and plates evade gravity. As a warm-hearted Indian with his turban as trademark and versatile facial expressions, Salim exudes zest for life. He amicably works on everyone’s nerves and, as the perfect master of ceremonies, combines modern slapstick with acrobatic art. Ron, on the other hand, is ambitious and does everything he can to always outdo himself. He usually get’s no great help from Salim… An unforgettable, energetic spectacle that lets you go into the night with a big grin.