Strange Guests – Cirkia Bohemia
They come from a distant country with
all their possessions to visit you and … well ….. you invited them yourself! The 2 brothers Pavlof and Janosh, the last two itinerant circus artists of the famous Cirkia Bohemia. Dad and mom too old to travel, the sisters married and away from the circus life. They tour the whole of Europe and surroundings and they set up the circus everywhere. Pavlof really has circusblood, he is the boss. Janosh makes music and is a dreamer. Because of their wandering the duo has become a bit strange and that can get pretty out of hand. Watch out! Are they allowed to store their tent with you, or do you throw them out? Cirkia Bohemia, non-normal circus theater of the highest level! Pure festival and streettheater of these Strange Guests with humor in the very best tradition of Meatball & van der Camp and You as an unexpected guest player. Cirkia Bohemia plays at festivals, on the street, at school …. yes, actually anywhere you want …. longer or shorter and 1 x or more. Plus, after the performance, and do not be surprised if this can no longer be stopped, the “Steppin’ In Circus”, for everyone who dreams of traveling with the circus as an artist.

Delightful Garbage Collectors
The Delightful Garbage Collectors Ko and Lou, two purebred
Dutch circusperformers, bring in this performance an ode to the collector of waste, litter and rubbish: The Garbage Man! They amaze you with a cascade of daring somersaults, the strong man-on-man Acro-Clicko Trick and juggling trash bags and pet bottles, cans, glass and rotten fish to separate the waste. Under the guise of “building together and safely stacking”, they make a human pyramid from and with the audience. This comic environmental theater spectacle gives recycling a whole new meaning.