Q-Trix Close Up
Johan Janssen with close-up magic and trix on the square centimeter. He loves magic, variety show, fire and his audience. Thanks to his years of experience with the old magic and the latest discoveries, Johan is able to create modern magic. In a subtle way, this master of magic, striking yet modest, knows how to amaze and surprise the viewer in his world of wonder.

Hassan, The Wonder Salesman
He tries to sell his bizarre goods in his own way: flying carpets of all shapes and sizes, copper miracle lamps, hand-knotted ropes and some camels. His commercial chit-chat is unparalleled and the public becomes captivated and involved. This “oriental” appearance pops up in our world. The four elements are hidden in everything: Water (desperately needed in the desert!), Fire (the flames sometimes bursting from his merchandise!), Earth (water turns into sand in front of you!) and Air (who floats up there ???)… Hassan delivers a complete performance with a spraying finale! A performance with magic, humor and beautiful stories.

Johan the Man of Fire
A warmly flaming welcome for your guests with this fiery appearance. With his passion for fire he receives your guests in grand style and catchy and Johan temps your guests to a burning desire for more…. Fire performances in which everyday objects spontaneously catch fire, and fire turns out to be not only spectacle but also heartwarming.

Dr. Q’s Magical Flea Circus (variety show, street theater)
Step back in time and take a look at the smallest circus in the world, populated by tiny artists: FLEAS !!!

Small in size, big in action! Watch these little artists pull a carriage, balance on a ball and perform the unrivaled stunt of the living cannonball flawlessly! You can also witness a double somersault on the tightrope with the grand finale of the jump of death through a burning hoop! And all this on a playing surface of less than 900 cm2! The widely respected flealogist Dr. Q presents the performance and interweaves the spectacle with interesting facts about the continuous training and the special life of the artists.