Meerkats want to play with you

Tails: two meerkats have escaped from the zoo, looking for a new clan. Curious, playful and heart-warming.
This duo meerkats is not yet used to the human world. Fascinated, they try to understand their new home. For a moment they wait before they dare to come closer. They are cuddly, but also cheeky … they remain predators!
And if you try to have a conversation with them in human language, you will receive an answer in the “meerkat-speech”.
Tails is a mobile animation where the emphasis is on contact with the audience.


Tumble tails is the acrobatic answer to Tails.
Three mischievous meerkats hop through the streets and they get everything going. Like Tails, they are curious, naughty and looking for contact. With you? But then suddenly they scramble at each other and tumble acrobatically around.
Tumble Tails is a mobile act for any type of event and suitable for all ages. Without human language, but certainly not quietly and with a lot of interaction.