The Rolling Amazons is the only company with dance, animation, and spectacular costumes on roller skates!

Flower for Power
The Rolling Amazons bring out the flowers! Nature is in full bloom, so there is work to be done. Because pruning causes blossoms! With a rake, broom and hedge trimmer in hand, these flowery ladies dance on their roller skates. A colorful appearance from head to toe with their beautiful costumes and colorful characters. Immerse yourself in the floral world of these crazy ladies, and who knows, maybe the sun will shine!

Photos by Wim de Knegt.

Quest for Time
Are they looking for adventure, or on a special mission? In any case, these skaters are not from here. In steampunk style they roll away like road pirates to mysterious targets.

With street theater and dance on skates, The Rolling Amazons create a special atmosphere at every event with this act. These travelers explore everything around them speechless. Rolling through time, they are amazed at the smallest details of the most common things. Nothing is normal anymore. Let yourself be carried away in the adventure of these mysterious ladies!

Strolling for Gold
The Rolling Amazons roll on in gold and enchant the audience. They highlight the beautiful things in life, to share them with you! Which golden moments will they discover today? They connect and dazzle the audience with swinging dance steps. A combination of beauty, fun, glamor and dance on roller skates!

First photo by Wim de Knegt

Roll Patrol
With The Rolling Amazons as the cool Roll Patrol, every event runs smoothly! This patrol team ensures the desired crowd control. Traffic beacons, light signals and the necessary sound guide the public (in a surprising way) from A to Better. Spurred on by the grand gestures of these sporting authority figures, the audience not only arrives at their destination, but also gets in the mood! Fines are not avoided, especially if enforcement is seen as a joke.

Street theater and / or dance show
The Rolling Amazons are available as mobile animation plus as show act. In the eight-minute dance act, the Amazons put on an astonishing choreography. On roller skates, with original music, bizarre costumes and subtle lighting effects. One moment running smoothly, the next moment they fight their way to destination. What are they looking for? This show is suitable on a square as well as on a stage.

Street theater on skates is already original, but completely in this style! The Rolling Amazons are very suitable for events with a large surface area and / or a large audience. Their speed, agility and flexibility make interaction with the audience easy. Extra fun is that people do not always see the skaters coming. Just as the audience is amazed at these strange guests, the traveling researchers are amazed at the audience. And as unexpectedly as the Amazons appear and make contact, they suddenly skate further on their investigative journey.

In addition, the Amazon team has the necessary experience in developing tailor-made acts, and thinking along with and responding to the wishes of the customer. Their original, dynamic acts have a successful impact on many occasions.

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