The Floating Diva
Is it a dream-image of a lost lady, or a siren?

Floating in a huge ballgown of umbrellas a soprano sings famous arias of , among others, Mozart and Puccini. Gracefully moved by two graceful water-lackeys, the diva enchants the audience with her pure voice.

When the evening falls and it gets dark, the Diva even appears in an illuminated costume. Like a wandering light, she floats over the water, which gives a magical effect.

The Floating Diva is a short, theatrical music performance on the watersurfce of Victorine Pasman (concept and costume design) and has been performed by Frédérique Klooster and other (mezzo) sopranos since 2015. The Floating Diva has been on display at many festivals and events including Lowlands, Wonderfeel Festival, Oerol, Solar, Gergiev Festival, Festival Classique, Musikfestspiele Potsdam (DE), the Festival of Flanders (BE) and Festival du Périgord Noir (FR)

Walking Diaries
Are you walking around with an exciting story that you do not get out of your head or have you just met the love of your life? Two lifelike, charming diaries offer a solution. The books can be opened with a ribbon. Pen in hand and write. Whether you have experienced exciting adventures, you have to get rid of your soul’s roots or poetic excesses, the paper is patient and the Walking Diary itself too.

They are also an elegant presence as a guest book and can collect information about a specific subject in an original way.

The title on the book is adapted to your event and theme.

If desired, the texts can be published on the event’s Facebook page and handed over to the organization.

Under Her Skirt
A towering lady lures you under her skirt, she longs for someone who sets her in motion. Under the skirt you will be warmly welcomed by her quirky alter ego. She will spoil you and sing for you on condition that you set the hostess, who is sitting on a solitary level, in motion. Do you let yourself be persuaded? And who is actually in control? Under her Skirt, an interactive performance emerged from a fascination for the seventeenth-century costume. A woman was caught in it, but at the same time her appearance radiated power. Wearing the huge skirt was heavy and awkward and you could hide everything underneath.

Under her Skirt was already on the famous Dutch Oerol Festival, Milkshake Festival, Olala Festival (AUT), A(rt)nimation Festival (LU)

Heart Attack
A heart-warming performance that preaches love. The audience is invited into her skirt for an encounter with an unknown.

As a messenger of love, the lady in the enormous skirt will send her accomplices the Half Hearts into the audience. Everyone of them goes hunting to find someone and they ask a frank question: What makes your heart overflow ? Or: What is your heart’s desire? If they want to continue talking about this, the two meet eachother under the dress and are welcomed by their hostess. The mission of this act is that two strangers meet and get to know each other.
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