We have more than sixty different Living Statues. They are surprising, historical, imaginative or realistic, but always: theater at a high level !! On this page you will find a choice from our extensive range. For a complete overview, please see: www.levendstandbeeld.nl

Call us if you are looking for something special. There are many more options. Custom statues too!

Opi BENch (floating statue Grandpa’s Bench) – Enjoy life, it will fly by …

This friendly grandfather is waiting for his grandchild. As a surprise he bought some colorful balloons. Meanwhile, he rests on the bench. The balloons are so strong that they lift grandfather. Fortunately, he can grab the bench just in time with his walking stick.

Because he hangs pretty well, he waits quietly for his grandchild. Grandfather is happy to invite you to sit on the bench with him to take a short break …

Feel free to take a nice selfie with grandfather.

Rendez-vous is an original performance that touches! A melancholic and funny animation. Abandoned, hung like an old coat, she hangs lonely on an (illuminated) lamppost. She talks and mumbles a bit in front of her… until there is music and she sings “don’t leave me alone” straight from her heart. (a translation by Jaques Brell’s, “Ne me quitte pas”). Or during Christmas time, “It’s gonna be lonely this Christmas without you” …

Winner Dutch championships Living statue 2013 + 1st prize Aesthetics.

Terra’s Proud “Proud Rocks” are two “stone” figures who hand out their little ones to the public with their stroller full of pebbles. On this are handwritten messages, compliments, slogans, and the like. Alienating, heartwarming, original and interactive. You may choose what will be put on: . “You’re rockin’ ..”, “Rock-solid trust in you” , “Stoneware”, or it could also be one big boulder with a fine poem. If something sincere can be conveyed in a fun way, this act will gladly contribute! Honest, cheerful and warm. A more than sympathetic act that gives people a boost, a compliment, a special and lasting memory … A gesture of humanity!

The Moss man is unique in its kind. It fits perfectly in a natural green environment. A lawn, tree or bench can be enough. The act is very photogenic because it becomes one with the environment.

Engineer Cornelis Lely is the creator of the Afsluitdijk and Dutch waterworks. The city of Lelystad is named after him.

The Skipper is weathered copper statue in full triumph behind his helm. He keeps a close eye on everything and always follows the right course.

The Quack is a super funny act that holds the audience for a long time. The act is strong in its simplicity. It is a medieval quack who tries to pull a rotten tooth. Multiple winner! Dutch champion, Belgian champion, 2nd at world championships, etc.

Fairy is a beautiful, sweet, colorful, fairytale image and very attractive to children. She comes out best in a natural or very colorful environment.

Fille les Fleurs (Flower Girl) brings spring. Her beautiful costume contains 200 flowers. It can be used as a statue or walkact. She can give out something (for example roses with a personal message).

Venetian Carnivalthese beautiful appearances seem to have run away from a Venetian carnival ball. They are often used as a reception act. Where they move exactly the same on both sides of the entrance. A wonderful entry.

Marilyn Monroe
This sexy pin-up is of course an American icon. With her feminine charms she seduces every man!

Baroque in Bronze is in their element anywhere. On their pedestal or as an animation act between the guests. They play a frivolous game of beautiful movements and non-verbal interaction.

Rembrandt is the greatest artist the Netherlands has ever known, symbol of the Golden Age.

Jheronimus Bosch went down in history as “den duvelmakere” (the creator of devils) and as a painter of satirical scenes. Although he was famous in his lifetime, little is known about him. Meet now!

The Ballerina is motionless on her pedestal. The music starts and slowly the Ballerina comes to life. She moves, she dances.

The Sofa is a wonderful combination of living statue and movement theater. The Sofa looks, talks, whispers, gossips, tickles and sings.

Paljas knows how to squeeze himself in every attitude to – successfully – elicit a smile from his audience. He lives up to his name!

Frozen is icy, silent, abstract, fresh, graceful; an absolute delight to the eye.