Picture 2, 4 & 6 by Wim de Knegt

Olivier “Ollie” Quist -A Suitcase Full of Tricks

For years Dutch magician Olivier Quist has been traveling all,over the world with an old suitcase full of tricks. He opens it wherever you want. He feels more at home on the street, in a party hall or on a festival site than in his own bed. In an instant young and old are standing around him laughing. This artist par excellence has the gift of performing his tricks in such a way that it seems like pure coincidence that they succeed. With his charming clumsiness, “Ollie” steals the hearts of the audience. And of course everyone participates!

His magic workshops and lectures are new. With simple basic techniques and supplies that can be found in every household, the participants can also perform magic themselves afterwards.